For as long as I can remember, I have always been insecure about my skin. I had really bad acne which affected my confidence and self-esteem.

To make matters worse, people being people passed sooooo many (unsolicited) comments. From “you’re a pretty girl but your pimples aren’t helping matters” to “don’t you wash your face?”. Some even went as far as recommending various types of face products for my skin. Annoying, right?

By the time I got into Uni, I became a product junkie — I basically hopped from one skincare brand to the other. Those products seemed to work after applying them for the first two weeks, then I’d hit a plateau and then buy products from another brand and still ended up in the same cycle. (I think I used every drugstore skincare brand lol). It was super convenient for me to pop into Boots or Superdrug just to buy skincare products off the shelf from any brand which appealed to me. But guess what? My skin didn’t improve. (Looking back, I don’t blame it tbh because I applied waaaay too many products in quick succession).

After I moved back to Nigeria for Law School in 2016, I think I was finally loyal to a particular brand — but my skin didn’t really improve regardless! At that point, I was tired of using various skincare brands and seeing minimal results, so I didn’t care anymore. I had accepted my fate and believed I wasn’t destined for flawless skin. Yup, I was that fed up!

Fast forward to 2019, I broke out tremendously! It was crazy!

Everyone who cared kept asking me about my skin and why It looked the way it did. The breakouts looked like rashes and were really itchy. I tried every single thing; organic skincare, chemical peels — you name it! It seemed like it was even deteriorating with each passing day. 😩

July 2019
July 2019
August 2019 – even makeup couldn’t help me lol

At that time, I was already engaged to be married and we had chosen a wedding date so I was even more worried. I didn’t want to walk down the aisle with a face covered in pimples (at the risk of sounding too vain😂). When I travelled to England to see my husband (then fiancé) a few months later, he suggested that we see a medical professional. We then went to a pharmacy to consult with a pharmacist who gave me some products to use (see pictures below).

  1. Face Wash – I washed my face with this face wash twice daily.
Dr Jackson’s face wash –

2. Exfoliator – I used this product on my face about once to twice a week.

Bioeffect exfoliator –,Apply%20a%20small%20amount%20to%20clean%2C%20damp%20skin.

3. Moisturiser – I used this to moisturise my skin after washing it with the face wash and using a toner which I already had before the consulation.

Bioderma Moisturiser –

4. Spot Treatment Gel – I usually used this directly on any spots overnight.

Pharmaceris Spot Treatment Gel –

5. Sunscreen– I applied sunscreen after moisturising my face every morning.

La Roche-Posay Sunscreen –

I did my research on the products before applying them (plus extra research on acne generally due to my inquisitive nature), then I found out I had Fungal Acne. I read about it, found out the causes, prevention methods and ultimately, the best treatment for it. 

Left- After using the new products (Sept 2019); Right – before (July 2019)

The lifestyle changes that worked for me:

1. Managing my stress levels – I was stressed from trying to achieve the perfect work-life balance. Looking back, I think living in Lagos played a major role in the appearance of my skin — anyone who lives in Lagos will understand (people often say “If you can survive in Lagos, you can conquer the world”, and I agree Lol). I had to intentionally manage my stress levels because I didn’t want it to impede the little progress I had made with my skin; it was a deliberate effort.

2. Using the right products and having a skincare routine – After consulting with the pharmacist, she recommended suitable products for my skin condition. This time I was relying on professional advice as opposed to winging it and randomly buying products. I also had to be more intentional about developing a skincare routine and sticking to it (even when I got back home from work at 10pm 90% of the time). This took a lot of discipline and dedication but everything worked out in the end.

3. Prayer – Guys!! I cannot even overemphasise the power of prayer. I had started praying to God about my skin even before I saw the pharmacist. I just didn’t want rough skin on my wedding day and God came through for me! Hallelujah!

4. Keeping my hands off my skin– This was by far the toughest part of everything, especially because the fungal acne made my skin so itchy. I realised keeping my hands on your skin will only make it worse, as I’d be introducing more bacteria to my face.

June 2020 – my skin isn’t perfect, but it is much better compared to this time last year

Finally, ensure you track your progress. Take daily/weekly photos no matter how “slow” you think the progress is. 

Voila! That’s how I got rid of my Fungal Acne!

Have you ever experienced fungal acne?

Does your acne make you insecure?

Let me know what your experience was or is (whichever the case may be) in the comment section below.

Remember to share if you find this helpful!

Love always,


Disclaimer: I am not a skincare expert. I’m only sharing what worked for me 🙂

This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Thanks for sharing Teleola, I had fungal acne too especially 2019-2020. It went from acne to patches(really bad,I couldn’t go out because I was looking like a zombie) I used numerous products too even before 2019(I have always had pimples/acne from my teenage days) but 2019-2020 was the worst…so when I came home this year I started a routine with Avila skin care( got their neem soap(for antifungal and antibacterial) I also got Avila rosehip and papaya oil,Avila rosehip face cream and Avila calendula face toner) being 2months now on that journey with Avila skin care and it has being good(huge but gradual progress)the patches are gone ,the pimples and acne are reduced my pores are tighter(they are closing up,I used to have very large pores coupled with my oily face) and again aside Avila skin care I used yo glow! face mask and gel(it’s my friends product, she makes organic skin care products and they are also good too)
    About the prayer part,lol,I thought I was the only one being paranoid about praying about a product before using it🤣(it was a prayer point oh,Lord let this product work for me,let it favour me!😅😅) It’s all good, we thank God and we pray our faces be better and brighter😊
    Thanks once again for sharing.
    Cheers to a better glowing skin🥂


    1. Thank you so much for this! I’m glad your skin is now glowing. Yes girl! Prayer works and there’s nothing too little to pray about. Thank God for answered prayers! Cheers to glowing skin!! Thank you 🥰♥️


  2. This story is a true gospel! As a Skincare therapist during consultations I ask clients about their environment, nutrition etc as there are other contributing factors to acne but they find it weird and prying. And it’s also true that keeping our hands of our face is the first step to reducing reinfection. And these products are the bomb! If ever you have any breakout, always see a Skincare therapist, who would then refer you to a dermatologist if needed!
    Thank you for sharing this, Tele.


    1. Yes these factors are really important and cannot be overemphasised! Yes I guess I should have seen a medical professional years ago but hey! Better late than never 😂
      Thanks for commenting 🥰♥️


  3. Loved this! I had this exact problem too and it was soo annoying. And the little comments people would make were even more annoying. Out of all the products you got. What would you say is the number 1 product that chaged the game?


    1. Like! People (especially Nigerians) need to keep their comments to themselves 😒. Hmm it’s between the face wash and the spot treatment gel for me. The pharmacist told me that the face wash I used prior to this one was too harsh on my skin and dried it out as well. Thanks for the comment 😘♥️


  4. Love the post! Your skin 😍😍
    I have concluded that my acne issues are mostly hormonal induced and skin reactions. I have very sensitive skin and anything essential oil based is usually a big no-no. I would definitely like to speak to a professional, I just fear my GP may shoo me away because it doesn’t appear to be severe acne!


    1. Thank you girl. Hmm with sensitive skin, you can’t be trying out products anyhow so it’d be helpful to speak to a medical professional to guide you. Lmao your GP is always there to help. I’m sure he/she won’t do that! Thanks for commenting 🥰♥️


  5. Such a great read, am glad u were able to sort out the fungal acne. You sure was a stunning bride on your wedding day and a pretty babe still.


  6. Love this… I think I’m gonna try this, been battling with pimples even after using all possible skincare products. Please can i get this products in Nigeria?


    1. I’d recommend that you speak to a medical professional to guide you but @skincaresage could help you with sourcing for the products in Lagos. Hope this helps!☺️☺️


  7. Love this Tele! You look beautiful! 😍 Been battling acne all my life and I totally agree, the Lagos stress doesn’t help at all. I’m definitely consulting a skincare expert soon cuz you’ve gingered me.


  8. Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m still battling with it presently, the more I get products , the more it gets worse. I’m even tired, don’t know who I can talk to.


  9. Hello Teleola…thank you so much for this….I was still complaining about my face just yesterday but reading this rn has gingered me and that flawless face is meant for me too….I’m going to see a medical professional too.


  10. Thank you for sharing your journey Tele. I haven’t had to battle with acne before (although I have a bunch of other insecurities about my body 😬) but I know a few people who have. And I had no idea it was capable of making people feel insecure. I’m glad you found what worked for you and are more confident in your skin 🤗.
    I’ll share this with my friends who need it.


  11. This is so timely. Thank you Tele for sharing. It is exactly one month to my wedding and I have had this unexplainable pimples/infection on my face for 2weeks now. I told my fiancé we need to include it on our prayer request list…we pray about it every morning.
    I ran to the Pharmacy some two days ago and I was given antibiotics and a face wash. I am legit seeing changes and I hope it lasts.

    Can we talk about how expensive skincare products are?! For the life of me!!!


    1. Awww. Congratulations first of all! I’m glad you’re seeing changes. They’re expensive but there are cheaper/drugstore brands like Cerave which is very good especially for acne prone/ sensitive skin. Thanks for stopping by ♥️


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