Hi there! 

Welcome to my blog. 

I’m finally going to address the elephant in the room (or rather on IG). My followers on IG skyrocketed after people posted my viral dance video which I have never addressed publicly. 

I’m sure some of you were thinking: 

a) I didn’t know she had so much energy.

b) How can a bride be dancing with so much reckless abandon?

c) Was she drunk?

I’ve gotten so many similar questions from family and friends.  

No – I wasn’t possessed or drunk. Someone even told me that her mum thought I was ‘wild’ after seeing the dance video that went viral. Lol. 

Let me jump right into why/how I “danced like David danced” on my wedding day. 

1. My desire to have fun on my wedding day

I was a horrible dancer even though I loved to dance. It’s like I had two left feet lol. You know what they say about there being a way when there’s a will? Yup! You got it! I was extremely determined to have the most fun at my wedding. Everything didn’t go as planned (I’ll probably address this in another post – stay tuned. Hehe) but I still had fun to the max! I’m one of those people who dreamt of their wedding day since they were a teenager and I had this perfect picture in my head which included being happily married to the man of my dreams and expressing that joy! Two of my friends, Dolapo & Posi, helped me to achieve that dream by working on my dance moves. A year ago, I couldn’t ‘shaku shaku’ or ‘zanku’ without looking like a huge joke! (Thanks girls for being patient with me and teaching me all the moves). I’m a fast learner so I picked up these moves in no time; with constant practise of course! 😎.

2. Genuine joy to be marrying the love of my life

Secondly, I was genuinely happy to be getting married and doing life with my husband. I know you must be tired of all the clichés about how one is perfect for one’s spouse blah blah blah… but I must truly say that He’s perfect for me. God in His infinite mercies decided to give me a precious gift in human form – my husband, after I had almost given up on men in general (aftermath of failed relationships). I will share a post on  the lessons that I learnt from them because I believe that there’s always a lesson or two to learn from every single experience that one faces in life. So it’s safe to say that the joy that I felt was from within and I couldn’t even hold back the joy by dancing till I was tired! 

3. I had the best hype team a.k.a Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids were amazing! I had 15 bridesmaids (don’t judge me) and they were all there to hype me while I danced. I’d like to publicly acknowledge and thank all my bridesmaids. You guys were fantastic and I love you all.

4. I decided not to care about anyone’s opinion and just have fun!

I’m usually not one to gravitate towards the spotlight and in the past, I used to worry about what people thought about me. The truth is, over the years, I have come to realise that people would still talk about you or disagree with you regardless of what you do. The most important thing is your happiness and that you’re not harming anyone in the process. If I had decided to be forlorn because of people’s opinions, people would still have said, “why isn’t she looking happy?” … the list goes on and on .

5. Wedding planning/stress was finally over!

Trust me, it’s not easy planning a wedding. At a point, I lost about 8KGS (I even had to adjust my wedding dress about 4 times because your girl kept losing weight!) – I was so stressed and didn’t really have much of an appetite. I honestly couldn’t wait for the wedding planning to end and for the marriage to begin. So in the midst of meeting with vendors, going for fittings and driving in Lagos traffic, I promised myself that I would enjoy myself to the fullest on my wedding day as a reward for all the stress and unintentional weight loss. 

Even though everything didn’t go as planned, I was thrilled that the day was a joyous and glorious one. My joy was full and overflowing (thank You Jesus!). After the ceremony was over, I got to the hotel, took a shower and crashed! My body hurt for like 2 weeks after the wedding from all that dancing as expected. 

Do you see yourself dancing like I did? Or would you rather keep it simple? Let me know in the comments section below.

Thank you so much for reading! 

Love always,



    1. I saw your Pre wedding pics now on a blog and immediately I recognize your face, I said was this not the lady that danced away her sorrow on her wedding day. I called my fiance to remind him of the your video I show him on YouTube, You need to see the way I was talking about you as if we’ve met. Oh no you are a vibe. My wedding is coming up December and I am already planning to vibe like you. I love you. Thanks for making me smile, I just follow you on your I.G page and liked some of your pictures. God will also make you happy and Grant you peace. Do you have a you tube channel? If no kindly open one for people like us. Would always love to check up on your post or update for more vibe. Love you so much baby girl ❤️


      1. Awww thank you so much for this heartfelt message. Much appreciated. Congratulations on your wedding. May God bless your union and grant you joy. ♥️


    1. For reallll sissss! No shynesss o. I’ll be there to hype you as well by God’s grace. Thanks for being there ♥️♥️


  1. I completely loved your vibe Tele🔥🔥🔥🔥
    I intend to dance and enjoy my wedding as well, if not, what is the point? Lol.

    I think it is super important for brides to decide to enjoy their day regardless of circumstances.

    You killed it! ❤️❤️


    1. Exactly! No point holding back your joy! I pray that your joy will be unspeakable on your wedding day as well in Jesus name. Amen ! Thank you ♥️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Really enjoyed reading this!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
        The day kept replaying in my head and I’m just so glad you got to have the wedding of your dreams!!
        I know I can dance but I sometimes doubt that I can beat the ginger you had!!!🔥🔥🔥 The energy was something else!🙌🏾 I guess we just have to wait to see!😂
        Looking forward to more content on here! Go girl!❤


      2. Hahah! I know right. I don’t even know where the energy came from. Thanks for being my dance teacher. ♥️♥️


  2. Hi Télé. I’m one of your new followers from after your wedding. Mehn I watched your video over and over again. I was intrigued by your person. I’m a jolly good fellow and I love to see joy and happiness amongst people. I’m also a good judge of character “if I do say so myself” 😁 and I could tell that joy was genuine . Like I almost fought with my bestie when she said she thought you were intoxicated or a wild lady.🤣. I also went through your previous post and that of your hubby and I was glad you both are believers. My wedding is coming up November and I’m dancing as much as you did because it’s my day and ain’t nobody going to steal my shine.


    1. Hi Jolade!! Awww thank you so much! Hahah I was intoxicated on pure joyyyy! I pray that God blesses the day and that your marriage will be filled with so much peace and joy! Please dance your heart out! All the best xx


  3. I love your page, your content is quite engaging and funny as well. I hope to stay plugged in for more. Feed us we are your babies (babes) in literal sense, we will always want more. Pls keep it up 😂😂😂


  4. I meannnnnn, 😁Tele I was intially shocked with your energy, it was really contagious. I could see that you were having so much fun regardless of what people thought, I mean who cares what they think. I was even gingered to dance more and let loose. I can say hands down that it was the most funfilled wedding I had attended in a very long time.😘


  5. Girl…. your wedding was too lit💃🏽 Your energy was amazing. I loved how you danced all through the dancing energy was contagious. And by Gods grace I don’t intend to dull myself on my special day because of what anyone thinks. I will dance…… 💃🏽😂 and I love your blog already.


  6. Baby girl! Biko I totally loved your vibe on your wedding day, you had fun. Same with me on my wedding day, I danced like it was my ‘last dance’, (City of David peeps in da building!!💃) and I had super fun (trust some people to want to make you feel bad about that on your own wedding, jeeze). Do you as long as you ain’t hurting nobody. Muah!!


    1. Ayeeee! COD way!! Yes I remember seeing your wedding videos! Way to go my sister!! It’s not a sin to express one’s joy. God has been faithful 💃♥️


  7. Definitely taking several cues from your moves my G! You are a vibe and several halves.
    Here for this premium content! Go Tele!


  8. My junior sister tagged me to a video of you dancing, she told me ‘this is the template we are following for my own wedding’
    It was obvious that the joy of the Lord was your strength that day. The light of God can never be hidden in the life of his children. God will continue to uphold you and your husband. I still can’t believe you are 5’1…your energy is on 6’9😌🔥🔥🔥, I am 5’1 as well.


  9. My Sister sent the video of your wedding to me in March or so, I initially watched a bit of it and rolled my eyes 🙄 as I thought to myself, this bride is drunk! ….then I went back to the video and Lo and Behold! I got hooked by your energy and your dance ♥️ I was so gripped by your dance and how you were surrounded by your lovely friends that I searched for more videos, photos or any information on the wedding). I discovered that it was more than the dance, the wedding was soooooo beautiful and well planned, it was obvious The Presence of Jesus was There All The Way & His Hands will continue to be upon yourself and your Husband 🙏🏾

    Cheers to LifeWithTeleola 👋🏾♥️


  10. Oh YES i deff will…(like FINALLY)lol The kind of joy that I’ll have that day ehnn! I pray God comes through for me soon. And I can experience real love to the fullest..
    I totally love your wedding dance video 😍 it was super Contagious 🤣 if i dance that much on my wedding day and evn more my friends will understand that in my mind am singing Tope Alabi (mo mo’hun oju mi ti ri .. lol 😂but also saying Thank you lord.. Baba fi Aiye mi da’bira….
    Have a blessed marriage Tele ❤️


  11. I’m a lover of good music and I sure know I will dance so much when that day comes. You looked so happy and I’m glad you enjoyed your day.


  12. You made such an extremely happy bride I must say, never seen anything like it! I was worried about you falling because you had heels on and how all the energetic dance moves could make you ill after the wedding glad it was not that bad. Your wedding was so beautiful to watch, have an amazing marriage Tele.
    God bless! Xx.


    1. Thank you!! Haha I changed to flats when I was about to dance. Wasn’t about to fall and disgrace my lineage 😩😂 thank you so much! Amen 💖


  13. You look like you had the best time which is so amazing! I think everyone should dance their hearts out on their wedding day. I’m going to be on the floor doing that primary school whine at mine 😂😂. I pray you have a blessed marriage 🥰


  14. I love you so much Tele. I’m one of the many who followed you because of your viral wedding dance video. I’ve watched that video more than 20 times. Still have it on my laptop.
    Finding you on IG, I requested to follow you and even prayed that you’d accept lol. For some weird reasons, I felt like you are a very private person who may not want many followers.
    Imagine my joy when you accepted and I saw that you’re a devoted Christian and you follow so many of the people I follow too including my spiritual father Joshua Selman!
    My comment is too long lol. I’m sorry I just really like you and I’m excited about your blog. Welcome to the blogosphere. I blog too at lifestylebymo.com
    ❤❤❤ you have a blog reader in me already.


    1. Awww I’m so glad to hear that! We have quite a bit in common! Thanks for the love and for dropping this comment. Means a lot to me! I’ve followed your blog now. Thanks so much ♥️♥️


  15. I totally fell in love with you after the wedding video went viral…I was like there’s no joy in hiding your happiness.. Wedding is a once in a lifetime thing so why not be happy on this one day…I’m glad you changed some brides perspective about being happy on their wedding day
    As for me I can’t wait to be married to the love of my life and I’m gonna dance like NO MANS BUSINESS on my wedding day by God’s grace…normal church service I sabi how I dance for God not to talk of my wedding day ..Lol
    I love you so much..pla keep being you the world isn’t ready yet..much love❤❤


    1. Awww thank you so much. I pray that your joy will be full on your wedding day and beyond and that you find the love of your life in Jesus name. Amen. 💕


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